Labour market integration is a key priority of the Action Plan. It is to be accomplished through several funding schemes. The Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund - AMIF, the Employment and Social Innovation - EaSI programme, the European Social Fund - ESF and the Fund for European Aid to the Most Deprived - FEAD are available for projects promoting the labour market integration of migrants, including refugees and women, as well as fast track insertion and vocational training.

Other initiatives include a toolkit for the timely identification of skills of newcomers and the sharing of good practices in the area of qualification recognition, under the New Skills Agenda for Europe.


Economic participation

As migrants face discrimination and many administrative, cultural, linguistic and other obstacles to enter the European labour market, they are often more likely to start their own businesses than natives. To address this situation, on one hand, self-employment of migrants was set in the Commission’s 2013 Entrepreneurship Action Plan wherein policy and legislative initiatives to facilitate entrepreneurship are planned both at the EU and national level. Programmes such as Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs are also accessible to immigrants. On the other hand, the 2014 Employment and Social Innovation - EaSI programme promotes high employment by supporting the modernisation of employment policies and European job mobility. It also supports access to micro-finance and social entrepreneurship, with the goal of combating social exclusion and poverty.

The fight against poverty among the immigrant population is however mainly financed by the Regional Development Fund ERDF and the European Social Fund - ESF, both available since 2013. The latter is Europe’s primary tool for promoting employment.

Between 2014 and 2020, it will provide some €80 billion to train people and help them get into work; 20% of such projects should target migrants, with a particular focus on refugees, asylum-seekers and their children.

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